Monday, May 07, 2007

It's a Prospector!

I have been incredibly slammed the past few months so it is hard to believe I am more than halfway through my pregnancy. Sometime around Labor Day, we'll be meeting Panorama's little... BROTHER. Found out today. Very exciting news.

Though boys names are easy to come by in the Civil 3D world, we've decided on Prospector. It was a tough call though between Cannon, Corridor, and Label Toggle Pin.

I wish I could sit here and wax poetic on the similarities between a 3D ultrasound and a corridor rendering, but I must get back to work. I'm off to North Jersey tonight, then a busy month with the AUGI CAD Matinee, client visits and a trip to Chicago.


Louisa Holland said...

Mazeltov on your little applet 2.0!

Anonymous said...

Cannon would be my preference but I guess I don't get a vote.

Congrats again and now you get to learn the real challenge of parenting.

Greg said...

What about ThreeD? :)

Happy for you and waiting for your book...