Saturday, March 17, 2007

Never Put Your Heart in the Bracket

The first round is over, and my soul is heavy after facing the UNLV full court press and watching the Blue Devil turn pale as the blood drained from his face during the last minute of play... It was enough to make me cheer against Virginia Tech, despite the fact that I picked them, because my other "Tech"s were done and it just wouldn't be fair if they got to go on.

Two-thirds of the EE Civil Team is out- James with his Texas Tech squad, me with the Yellow Jackets- but Scacco is still alive since Purdue won.

I put my slippers on the wrong Cinderellas!

I had such hope that Penn could make this year the year that they got out of the first round and that between them and 'Nova there would be a Big 5 Final Four (as The BSAider said to me today- "I'm a sucker for the Palestra")

This is what happens when you fill out your bracket with your heart and not your head...

There are some shining moments though- Pitt is still alive (with some help from Canada), Winthrop could be the new Gonzaga and there is still plenty of ACC at the dance.

Good thing I am through with Harry Potter, cause I got a lot of ball to watch this weekend.

All I can say is... C'MON VANDERBILT!!