Sunday, December 24, 2006

Quitting Civil 3D Cold Turkey (Eagle)

I am doing my best to forget about Civil 3D for a week. I think it has been 34 hours since I last had it open, which may just be a new record for me. Since James took my keyboard, I am working on Panorama's Hello Kitty Laptop. But that is OK, since I like Hello Kitty very much.

Yesterday on my way to Target to buy some bookshelves to tame our collection of software reference texts and weebles, I saw a Bald Eagle. Actually, I almost hit a Bald Eagle.

At first, I thought it was a seagull because it was swooping down across the road to try to grab a drop-off chicken.

Some explaination is required.

I live in Delaware, which according to is the 7th biggest broiler producing state in the USA. Delaware produced 282,300,000 broiler chickens in 2005. Considering the population of humans in Delaware is approximately 800,000.... You get the idea.

A drop off chicken is a chicken that for whatever reason fell of the truck. Sometimes these chickens didn't make it into one of the truck cages and are just sitting loose on the side of the truck. When I see them at traffic lights, I yell out the window- RUN CHICKEN RUN! YOU CAN MAKE IT! DON'T JUST SIT THERE!

For more info on the Delmarva Chicken Industry, check out

This drop-off chicken wasn't very lucky- since it was now a road kill drop-off chicken. Hence the reason I thought the Bald Eagle was a seagull from a distance- I didn't think they ate things that were dead, but I was wrong

Thinking it was a seagull, I sped up and aimed to kill it. Luckily, I quickly realized my mistake or else I would be writing this on my Hello Kitty keyboard from jail.

Seeing a Bald Eagle isn't all that rare in Delmarva. One of the last land development engineering projects I worked on at my former firm had an eagle's nest right smack in the middle of it. If you go into any significant patch of woods and look up at a bird of prey, most usually it is a buzzard, but maybe 4 out of 10 times it is the shy eagle.

But for some reason, no matter how common they are, I always stop to look at a bald eagle and get that feeling of awe inside. I think it is kind of like James Wedding. He's my friend and team mate now, I talk to him all the time and see him whenever I can. But I always get that tingly feeling in my toes in his presence because he symbolizes the strength of this great nation. Wait.... maybe that is the Bald Eagle. Anywho....

I pulled over, watched him and attempted to take a picture of the bird with no luck. He was through trying to enjoy Delaware's favorite protein treat, so he flew off.

See the Bald Eagle in this Picture? Yeah, well, neither do I.

What does this have to do with Civil 3D, Civil Engineering or Hello Kitty? Absolutely nothing. I just had to prove I could talk about something else.


JW said...

Easy on the eggnog....

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Dana. You are a funny bird!