Saturday, September 02, 2006

Flexible Terrain with Optional Flowers

No this isn't some custom birthday cake gone bad...

I have been so busy lately with work, I have neglected my motherly duty of making homemade playdough. So today, I make a month's worth.

Panorama and I then went to work shaping the world. We started with the usual- cookie cutter butterflies, kitties and elephants. Then we moved into the doughball genre- snowmen and the like.

Then, I left to answer the phone, and when I came back she had created this. I think she had originally intended it to be an example of a road corridor, but it quickly turned into more of a river.


Anonymous said...

And the flowers are receiving the water they require from Panorama's "stream" corridor Dana!

It's even blue! ;-)

Panorama is showing how well the data inside the gene pool has been so ably passed along from Mom.

The only thing left would be the bridge, which of course is waiting on Dad's decision for the type:

Historical -
Golden Gate;
London Bridge;
George Washington;

Modern Day -

Inquiring minds... ;-)

Don Reichle

bsaider said...

Too cool

Anonymous said...

>> Too cool.

I concur; it looks great.